blue madonna
blue madonna a poem by vandanna khanna design by molly sokolow

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Vandana Khanna was born in New Delhi, India and has lived most of her life in the U.S. She received her MFA from Indiana University and her work has appeared in Crazyhorse, Hawai'i Review and Puerto del Sol among others. Her first book of poetry won the Crab Orchard Review First Book Prize and will be published by Southern Illinois University Press in October 2001.

Molly Sokolow was born in San Francisco, California and has migrated North in search of rain. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon and designs for herself and Paris France.

Thanks to Dave Hayden and Erik Falat for technical help!

The photo of the black madonna was taken by Molly at the Goddess Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

The image of the goddess Lakshmi is a modern chromolithograph.

"Blue Madonna" originally appeared in Train to Agra, ©2001 by Vandana Khanna, reproduced by permission of Southern Illinois UP.